Building sites can get quite dusty from all of the grinding, drilling and cutting. Our dust extractors will remove the buildup of dust in no time at all.

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  • vc20

    Dust Extractor

    Dust extractor can be used in conjunction with various grinding, drilling or cutting tools to enable dust free works.

    Make: Hilti

    Model: VC20-U




  • henry

    Henry Vacuum Cleaner

    Henry’s cable and storage rewind system is a work of art, trouble free and spring free and it keeps everything neat and tidy. Professional specification brings a 10m power cable and 9L drum capacity, keeping you cleaning for longer. When he’s finished Henry packs away nicely with on-board wand and floor-tool storage.

    Make: Henry

    Model: HVR200

  • wetdry

    Numatic Wet/Dry Vacuum

    The standard 900 series in design, construction and performance is simply something that must be experienced to be believed. The full Structofoam construction alone sets it apart from all the others, but couple this to the unique multipurpose tipper system for emptying, and you have a truly simple machine that could be used anywhere by anybody and emptied quickly and easily, be it in floor drain or WC.

    Make: Numatic

    Model: WVD900-2

  • vtuf

    V-tuf Dust Extraction Unit

    V-TUF VACM110 has a powerful 1400W TWIN TURBINE bypass suction 110 volt motor, a 21 Litre IMPACT resistant collection tank. The powerful suction along with the full M CLASS CERTIFICATION of the V-TUF VAC M 110 gives you maximum dirt removal whilst saving lives from fatal dust inflicted diseases. Scroll down this page to view the VIDEO and see how you can sweep up with a V-TUF VAC M without creating dust.

    Make: V-tuf

    Model:  M110