If you have a compact lawn or a lawn with a lot of obstacles, then our easy-to-start and easy-to-use Honda Petrol Lawn Mower is the perfect choice.

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    Petrol Lawn Mower

    The Honda Izy 416 PK lawn mower is a 16″ (41cm) pushed machine and is perfect for the compact lawn, or where there are lots of obstacles, bushes or trees to cut around. With Izy, intuitive operation means there is nothing to learn. Petrol and oil levels are easy to verify. The pull start is specially designed to be virtually effortless. Flexible, double-lined cables make adjustments easier and more precise. As a general rule the 41cm Honda Izy mower caters for gardens less than half a tennis court in size. A push model is ideal for smaller gardens kept regularly in good trim.

    Make: Honda

    Model: HRG416PK