If you need to heat a home or office space, we have several electric heaters available, including portable and light heaters as well as heaters for larger spaces.

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  • h14001

    2KW Convector Heater

    The electric convector heater is extremely portable and ideal for the office or home. Fitted with thermostatic heat control.

    Make: Elite

    Model: HN20/2




  • h15002

    3KW Fan Heater – 110V

    This electric fan heater is lightweight, compact and designed to be fully stackable. Ideal for quickly heating on site.

    Make: Elite

    Model: HSC




  • red rad

    3KW Infra Red Heater

    The infra red heater is an electric heater ideal for heating workshops and warehouses and is ideal for drying damp walls. It produces instant heat with no noise or fumes.

    Make: Elite

    Model: RG308