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  • This image was produced by an application from HighWater Designs Limited.

    Rotary Clutch / Core Drill

    Rotary Clutch / Core Drill – This rotary drill is ideal for diamond core drilling. It is has a percussion action for drilling a pilot hole and rotary only for diamond core drilling. It is fitted with a torque limiter that disengages the clutch if the core jams.

    Make: Makita

    Model: 8406

  • top con

    Rotary Laser Level

    Self-levelling pendulum rotation laser, for horizontal and vertical levelling. Once erected, the unit is immediately ready for use. Comes with a sturdy tripod and a telescopic leveling staff.

    Make: Topcon

    Model: RL H4C





  • e16299

    Rubber Mat for Compactor Plate

    This rubber mat is easily fitted to a compactor plate and is used to protect blocks whilst compacting.

    Make: Belle

    Model: N/A

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  • ruug

    Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner

    The Rug Doctor X3 features innovative technology to transform your old, tired looking carpets. Remove embedded dirt and grease easily with its effective one-pass cleaning system.

    Hiring professional carpet cleaners can cost hundreds of pounds. Buy the X3 carpet cleaner, and you’ll get professional results without the high costs, at a time that suits you. You don’t need to worry about storage, as it folds up into a neat, easy-to-store machine.

    Make: RugDoctor

    Model: X3 Professional

  • Thwaites

    Skip Loading Dumper – 1 Tonne

    This compact skip loading dumper is the ideal machine for those locations with limited access. Provides a quick and convenient method of moving rubbish and materials to and from the work area. The high lift action makes it suitable to dispose of waste directly into a skip.

    Make: Thwaites

    Model: 1T Hi Lift




  • h11101

    Small Space / Blow Heater

    Space heater is a portable unit on wheels that is powered by propane gas and requires a mains power supply. It produces direct fired heat and is fan assisted inorder to heat small and large spaces quickly. Produces 150,000 BTU.

    Make: Easyheat

    Model: 105




  • h11401

    Space Heater

    This gas space heater requires no electricity supply and is ideal to heat warehouses, small factories, outhouses and for drying out buildings.

    Make: Bullfinch

    Model: 1400




  • A10550a

    Stairwell Tower – 2.2m high

    Stairwell Tower – 2.2m high – This tower has a platform height of 2.2m

    Make:    Alto



  • 80 roller

    Twin-Drum Vibrating Roller

    Tandem vibrating roller is ideal to compact areas of tarmac, hardcore and asphalt. This ride on machine is suited to larger areas.

    Make: Ammann

    Model:  ARX12

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  • ms171

    Two-stroke Petrol Chainsaw

    The Stihl MS171 Chainsaw is an innovative chainsaw that is just right for homeowners who need to cut firewood, fell small trees or for clean up work. Comfortable to use by all.

    Make: Stihl

    Model: MS171

  • htrim

    Two-stroke Petrol Hedge Trimmer

    The Stihl HS45 24″ hedgetrimmer, Light introductory model for garden hedge trimming. With Elastostart for comfortable starting. This version of the HS 45 comes with a 60cm (24 inch) bar.

    Make: Stihl

    Model: HS45

  • fs5

    Two-stroke Petrol Strimmer

    The FS55 weighing just 4.9 kg is designed for comfortable operation for larger areas of grass / light brush work around the home and garden. This machine features: Ergo multi-function control, a BIKE handle, tool-free handle adjustment, 2-MIX engine and is supplied with a single strap harness.  The FS55 comes fitted with the MOWING head (25-2) with the option to fit a metal grass cutting blade at aditional cost.

    Make: Stihl

    Model: FS55

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